Friday, 9 March 2018

Sea Week - Exploring life in the ocean

This week we have enjoyed exploring the theme of Sea Week.We had an opportunity to follow our interests and use our curiosity to discover more about our oceans. The highlight of the week was our giant seascape of a coral reef and a kelp forest - two important eco-systems for our marine creatures.

We also had a thought provoking discussion about rubbish and the plastic islands that are forming in the currents of our seas. The devastating effect that this has on our sea animals is at crisis point for some species. We talked about how we can each make a difference in our habits to reduce trash and chemicals getting into our waterways and ending up in our oceans.

Settled even before the morning bell! Room 3 engaged in their art.

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  1. Well done Room 3 with your investigations into sea life for sea week. Our world will be better off with your knowledge when you share that with your families and act upon your learning. I hope to find out more off you when I visit!