Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Cans to Lend a Helping Hand - Bring in by Friday

We have been provoked into action. Our class discovered a car on the edge of our school field that looked like it may have had a family living in it. We talked about how this situation has become a reality for so many more Auckland families. What can we do to help in a practical way? Can we make a difference for those who may be temporarily or more permanently in need of help?

Yes we can! Bring a can. On Friday, we have the Auckland City Mission coming to talk to the Kauri Whanau about ways we can help people. The Mission provides around 13,000 food parcels to Auckland-based individuals and families in desperate need each year. We will gladly support their good work of providing food and sometimes shelter for many who need these services of kindness.

Here is the link to the Auckland City Mission website if you would like to know more:


Cans for Sharing - support a good cause!


  1. Great looking posters for the Auckland City Mission visit on Friday - well done Room 3.

  2. Betsy and catherine29 March 2018 at 10:10

    Cool drawings! There are awesome posters for the city Mission. Who made the posters that are on the blog? Well done Rm 3.