Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Term 1 Week 2 & 3 in Room 3

We enjoyed seeing those who could join us for the Year 6 Parents' Camp Meeting and also our PTA Picnic and Meet The Teacher evenings. As we start to gel as a community of learners in Room 3, it is great to have our upcoming Parent Partnership Meetings. The students are invited to be part of that process as they own the learning.

 In Mathematics, we have kicked off our Statistical Investigations - exploring a theme through a purposeful question to drive the data collection.

  • What do we want to know? 
  • What question should we ask? 
  • Who do we need to talk to? 
  • What data do we collect? 
  • How do we collect that data? 
  • How do we present the data? 
  • What does the data tell us? 
  • What conclusions can we draw from the data? 
  • Reflection: if I was to do this inquiry again - would I change any aspects of the investigation? 

To add further to our discussions, we are asked to bring in data displays, graphs or charts to explore what other statistical investigations have found.
Are they good displays or poor displays?
Would there be a different way to show the data in a better way?

 As we head into the colourful Chinese New Year festivities, we will enjoy learning calligraphy, writing Chinese characters and comparing and contrasting the dragons in our cultures.

Our main focus over the last week and this week, is preparation for the adventures at Year 6 Camp. Let's hope that this weather gets the rain out of its system!

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  1. Gosh Room 3, it sounds like you are going to have a great year with Ms Lewis! You are all so lucky. Welcome back to Sunnyhills and to Year 6!